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Teknokraftindo Asia is the Indonesian market leader and provides the full range of Industrial Scientific Corporation’s (ISC), Oldham, and Detcon Gas Detection equipment.

Industrial Scientific Corporation is and ISO 9001 manufacture of portable and fixed system Gas Monitoring Equipment. They joined forces with Teknokraftindo Asia to provide the most comperhensive Gas Detection Solutions in the region.

We also deliver a customer support programme which includes consultation, training, maintenance, calibration, and certification from our internationally traines expert.

Through product quality and professional service levels, Teknokraftindo can reduce your service and safty issues throughout the life of your instrumentation. many of our products have a lofe time guarantee.

Here are the four gas detection that we specialize in:

Single Gas Detector
Tango TX1 – Gas Badge Pro – T40 Rattler

Multi-Gas Detector
Ventis MX4 – – Ventis Pro 5 – MX6 iBrid

Area Monitoring Gas Detection
Radiuz BZ1 – BM25

Fixed Gas Detector
OLC 10/OLC 10 Twin – OLCT 10 – OLC 100/OLCT 100 – iTrans 2

Controller fo Fixed Gas Detector
MX 15 – MX 32 – MX 43



Repair & Calibration