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Multi Gas Detector

Multi Gas Detector

Teknokraftindo Asia is the Indonesian market leader and provides the full range of Industrial Scientific Corporation’s (ISC), Oldham, and Detcon Gas Detection equipment.

Industrial Scientific Corporation is and ISO 9001 manufacture of portable and fixed system Gas Monitoring Equipment. They joined forces with Teknokraftindo Asia to provide the most comperhensive Gas Detection Solutions in the region.

We also deliver a customer support programme which includes consultation, training, maintenance, calibration, and certification from our internationally traines expert.

Through products quality and professional service levels, Teknokraftindo can reduce your service and safty issues throughout the life of your instrumentation. many of our products have a lofe time guarantee.

Here are the four gas detection that we specialize in:


The MX6 iBrid is the most adaptable six-gas monitor on the market. With hundreds of possible sensor combinations and a robust list of available configuration settings. The MX6 iBrid can see hazardous levels of oxygen, toxic and combustible gas, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The MX6 iBrid is the first gas monitor to feature a full-colour LCD display screen. The display improves safety with clear readings in low light, bright light or anywhere in between. Whether the work is outside, inside or underground, it’s easy to see what gas hazards lurk in the immediate work environment. It even supports the option of on-board graphing for easily interpreted direct readings and recorded data.

The MX6 iBrid is our most rugged instrument ever. It carries a lifetime warranty and is fully compatible with the Industrial Scientific DSX™ Docking Station and iNet™ Instrument Network.

  • Monitor up to six gases
  • Tailor for your unique application with 24 sensor options including PID and IR
  • Prescreen entries for benzene with an optional convertible kit
  • Simplify maintenance and reporting with the DSXi Docking Station
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The Ventis Pro 5 make owning and using gas detectors easy with multiple configurable and customizable settings. Ventis Pro 5 offer a variety of sensor options with flexible slot positions to help detect combustible and toxic gases across a range of applications.

In addition to gas detection, the Ventis Pro 5 features a dedicated man-down alarm, panic button, and custom on-screen messages making it easy for workers to communicate and operate.

The Ventis Pro 5 also can assist in addressing recurring alarms, identify hazards and improve asset management by assigning users and sites to each gas monitor in real-time with iAssign™ Technology.

  • Detect up to five gases simultaneously using flexible sensor configurations
  • Increase situational awareness by receiving real-time location and alarm data directly from Ventis Pro5 gas monitors to iNet Now live monitoring software
  • Track assets and people in real-time with iAssign® technology
  • Transition seamlessly from personal monitoring to confined space entry and eliminate the need for extra equipment by using the Ventis® Slide-on Pump
  • Available with or without an integral pump
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The highly configurable Ventis MX 4 is specifically designed to meet unique gas detection needs while maintaining worker safety. The Ventis MX 4 is ideal for confined space or personal monitoring, and available with or without an optional integral pump. But with an optional integrated sampling pump, Ventis MX4 multi gas monitor has the ability to draw samples from 30 meters.

Ventis MX4 PEAK reading storage provides reviews of highest exposure conditions after alarm events without the need to download. STEL and TWA readings and alarms are also provided with the MX4 gas monitor. Ventis MX4 also compatible with iNet for enabling increased efficiency, safety and reduced costs.

  • Monitor up to four gases
  • Configure for your application with your choice of sensors and pump options
  • Transition seamlessly from personal monitoring to confined space entry using the Ventis® Slide-on Pump eliminating the need for extra equipment Update
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