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Staying true to our business, that is gas detection solution, we exist to support our market with quality equipment and great service.

Renting equipment is an effective solution for optimizing your equipment utilization. With rapid changes in technology, greater complexities in the cost of ownership and no large upfront capital outlay. You can rent on a short-or long-term basis, according to the most efficient solution for your needs. We can help you enhance your operational efficiency with an extensive range of rental instruments.

All Teknokraftindo Asia Rental equipment is maintained, calibrated and serviced regularly to ensure that our clients are equipped with instrumentation that is ready for use when received. Additionally, we can also supply all required consumables so you can complete your job, hassle free. Call us to get more information.

The Tech-Master, Spec-Master and Chem-Master pressure regulators are part of a line of products capable of managing non-corrosive and corrosive gases up to n6 purity and includes manifolds and outlet points to provide a complete gas control solution.

Whether gas chromatography, process gas analysers, environmental analysis or gas detection we have the regulator systems to meet your gas handling requirements.