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Speciality and High Purity Mixtures

Speciality and High Purity Mixtures

Gases are available in binary and multi-blend mixtures for calibration and specialty gas applications including process gas analysis, environmental measurement, and analytical laboratory measurement. CAC GAS is a Teknokraftindo Asia partner who expert with Specialty & High Purity Gases.

Gas Standards
Accredited Reference Gas Standards:

Primary and Secondary Gas Mixture, manufactured gravimetrically to ISO 6142, then analyzed and accredited under ISO 17025.

ISO 17025 Gas Mixtures for Natural Gas & LNG (For more information: UKAS ISO 17025 Natural Gas Scope & Certificate )
ISO 17025 Sulphur & Odorant Gas Mixtures (For more information: Sulphur Document )
ISO 17025 CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring) Gases (For more information: CEMS Ducument )

Gas standards manufactured gravimetrically to ISO 6142, with traceability to NPL(UK) or N.I.S.T.(USA)

Traceable standards are calibration mixtures, which are analytically certified directly against either a UKAS or NIST standard. Typical uncertainty is +/- 1%.

Certified Gas Standards:
Gas standards manufactured in a variety of methods, certified gravimetrically and/or analytically. All mixtures come with a certificate of composition. Sometimes known as working standards, these are used routinely in science and industry.

EPA Protocol Gas Mixtures:
Gas standards prepared and certified to the USA EPA Traceability Protocol.

EPA Protocol Gases are manufactured and analytically certified in strict accordance with the most recent EPA traceability guideline document entitled “EPA Traceability Protocol for Assay and Certification of Gaseous Standards”. The majority of EPA Protocol mixtures are certified to +/- 1% overall uncertainty.

High Purity Gas Mixtures:
Teknokraftindo Asia with CAC GAS offers are range of high purity gas mixtures (Acetylene to Xenon) up to 99.999% (grade 5) in multiple cylinder sizes. With a complete line of specialty gas control equipment we ensure that the purity you require is maintained through to your point of use.

Gas mixtures are available in ten different cylinder sizes and capabilities. High pressure cylinders are available in 2AL, 5L, 10L, 20L and 50L water capacity.

Smaller disposable cylinders are available for many gas mixtures, when a smaller volume of gas is required. Whether it is a single gas or a complex blend, specialty mixtures can be produced in a range of sizes from 34 litres to 112 litres.

We produce gas mixtures for special applications where only one cylinder may be required.